Geophysical Geodesy Scientific Computation

Precise Approach for Local Gravity Field and Geoid

Precise Approach for Local Gravity field and Geoid-PALGrav4.0 is a set of computation programs for stationary geophysical geodesy in near-Earth space outside the geoid, and can efficiently process and fuse different altitude, cross-distribution, land-sea coexisting, heterogeneous physical geodetic data, whose science goal is to approach high-precision local gravity field and 1cm-level stationary geoid.

Self-study, exercise and use

PALGrav4.0 is a window 64-bit program package developed using QT C++ (interface), Intel Fortran (functional modules) and mathGL C++ (data visualization) code-level mixed programming in the Visual studio 2017 x64 integrated environment. Which is composed of more than 40 win64 executable programs with nearly 200 independent modules (more than 500 functions).

For each Win64 executable program, there are the computation example files saved in the folder C:\PALGrav4.0_win64en\examples which includes the operation process file “processinf.txt”,several input/output data files, and some screenshot images. The folder names of the example files are the same as the names of executable programs.

Before using the PALGrav4.0 program, it is recommended to follow the process information in processinf.txt, input and output data files, and the screenshots to operate the example completely. It will take about 3 working days to complete all the example exercises.

You can design own schemes and processes, then organize flexibly some related functions in PALGrav4.0, perform computations such as terrestrial, airborne, shipborne and altimetric gravity field data processing, local gravity field approaching, regional geoid modelling, height datum improving and application expanding.