Geophysical Geodesy Scientific Computation

What is PALGrav4.0

Precise Approach for Local Gravity field and Geoid 4.0 (PALGrav4.0) is a set of computation programs for stationary geophysical geodesy in near-Earth space outside the geoid, and can efficiently process and fuse different altitude, cross-distribution, land-sea coexisting, heterogeneous physical geodetic data, whose science goal is to approach high-precision local gravity field and 1cm-level stationary geoid.

1. Physical geodetic data processing for terrestrial, airborne, shipborne, altimetric gravity field data and so on.

2. Precise computation for various topographic masses effects for the anomalous gravity field outside the geoid.

3. Various numerical integrals, inverse operations and analytical continuation for the anomalous gravity field outside the geoid.

4. Some ingenious algorithms for height datum improving and geodetic application expanding by gravity field data or method.

Features and strengths

1. Constructs various analytically and harmonized topographic effects field outside geoid, and then develops topographic effects algorithms system of anomalous field elements based on gravity field theory. Employs various topographic effects remove-restore scheme to improve heterogeneous data fusion and to increase the approached stability and error suppression ability of local gravity field.

2. Builds Integral solution conditions about gravity field boundary value problem, replaces most of differential operations with integral operations, and then develops a group of completer integral algorithms including the precise integral, inverse operation and up-downward analytical continuation. With these algorithms, the approached performance of local gravity field can be comprehensively improved.

3. On the basic of gravity field principles, develops some ingenious physical geodetic algorithms relied on gravity field data, to further optimize regional height datum and expand geodetic application.

4. With the previous numerical integral solutions as the reference gravity field based on the uniqueness and harmony of the integral solutions, constructs remove-restore schemes to play a scale controlling role of the previous solutions, to approach the current local gravity field and to refine a very small area geoid. So that the seamless splicing problem between the adjacent geoid models will become disappeared, and the current geoid model can be rigorously compatible with the previous geoid model.

Three kinds of own data files format

PALGrav4.0 accept the data only in own format files including the geodetic points records files, the geodetic grid model files and vectors grid model files.

The program [Convert general ASCII records into PALGrav4.0 format] is the only interface which can convert general ASCII records file to PALGrav4.0 geodetic points records files. All the other programs can only accept the data files generated or converted by PALGrav4.0.

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